Faro Laser


Introducing the FARO Laser

Why use it on a scene?

The FARO scanner allows you to capture the scene as you view it. It acts like a time capsule, preserving the scene and all its contents in their original position. Once a scene is scanned, it can be revisited and reanalyzed via a 3D model. The FARO scanner’s accuracy is within 1mm, creating extremely accurate measurements beyond human capability.

Why should adjusters/attorneys use this on a case?

Detailed 2D and 3D courtroom exhibits and animations can be created. Fast and accurate preservation of critical evidence can be archived.

What types of scenes can it be used on?

Fire scenes, Explosions, Car Accidents, Building collapses, Safely Documenting Hazardous scenes.

Goodson Engineering FARO Laser Scanner Use Cases – Examples of cases: 

  • Propane Explosion (Scene Documentation)
  • Pin Point measurements on live overhead electrical wires
  • Vehicle Fire in a garage (Scene Documentation)
  • Restaurant Fire in a strip mall (Scene Documentation)
  • Lightning Strike Fire at a Chemical Plant


Layman’s terms of what it does:

The FARO scanner captures millions of data points using its laser during a scan. Multiple scans can be combined and stitched together to create a detailed model that can be viewed in 2D or 3D. This model is made up of the scanned data points which represent actual measurements in space. The scanner also utilizes an HDR 8-megapixel camera to enhance the model with color and accuracy.

Why on a fire scene?

The HDR (High Dynamic Range) camera allows the detailed capture of images in low light settings. This coupled with the laser scan allows fire investigators to visualize fire patterns that would have been lost to the naked eye. High-resolution scans would bring out the faintest deviations in geometry and aid the fire investigator in heat flame vector analysis.


FARO Laser Scanner Specifications:

  • Range up to 350m
  • Accurate within ± 1mm
  • Capture up to 976,000 points/sec
  • HDR functionality in bright or dark environments
  • Compatible in challenging environments (IP Class 54)


Goodson Engineering Drone Services:

Through Goodson Engineering’s FAA Part 107-Remote Pilot certification we are able to provide:

  • Aerial Documentation
  • Photography/Videography
  • Remote Inspections